Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween - What's In It For Me?

"No, Princess, don't eat the candy.  That's for the children!"
"Get your nose out of the bowl!!"
"What are you doing in the garbage?!"

That's all I hear at Halloween.  Children schmildren is what I say.  Halloween should really be for dogs, and chocolate should be taken off the Halloween menu since dogs can't eat it.  I like skittles too, you know.  And the little individual packets go down nicely.

Oh, I guess I'm supposed to be talking about books, not food.  Sorry.  I am allowed to read the Halloween books, and I do have some favorites.  There are some very fun books for Halloween.  I bet you'll already know some of my favorites, but maybe I'll also tell you about some you've never seen before!

Here's a few that aren't officially Halloween but are good to read at this time of year:

Skeleton Hiccups - I'd like to chew on some of those skeleton bones, and seeing a skeleton try to drink water sure is fun.
Hoodwinked - small witch wants pet (of course!), bats are no fun - they sleep all day!  The toad has nothing to say, the warthog doesn't work out.  Then something too hideously cute shows up at the back door.
The Tailypo - doesn't that tail look suspiciously like mine?
King of the Cats, also by Paul Galdone - Brrrr!  Cats give me the creeps, especially in graveyards!

Two classics that you may already know about:

Big Pumpkin -Like the Great Big Enormous Turnip, but more tasty.
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything - Boo!

Two for the youngest listeners:
Mouse's First Halloween - Can you guess what all those noises are?  And one candy corn is a treat for a mouse (not for me, I require a whole bag)
Moonlight the Halloween Cat - It should have been about a dog, but this shows the magical excitement of being out late on a special night, maybe peeing on someone's lawn.

Fun for older:
The Perfect Pumpkin Pie - Dead cranky man buried in the backyard, new family in the house.  Unfortunately, the dead cranky man has now become a dead cranky ghost, and he won't go away until he gets the perfect pie.  Can Grandma provide it?  So funny!

Zen Ghosts - A little beyond my dog brain, I admit.  Amazing pictures and a huge panda that reminds me of my dad, at least in girth.  And how did that Panda become two pandas?

Mom's Favorites, and I tell her they're mine, too, just to be nice:
The Runaway Pumpkin - Aaaaagh!
Annie Was Warned - Is that a spider on her neck?
The Three Bear's Halloween - hee, hee, hee

Sorry I didn't add author information, but I am a dog after all.  I can only do so much.