Monday, November 3, 2014

Simple Is Best - Lizi Boyd's Particular Genius

I know all about how simple is best.  I often hear the word "simple" when people are talking about me, and I am the best there is!  I hear that, too.  Now I have found the best book, it is so wonderful in its simplicity.

I read and wrote about Lizi Boyd once before, because she had a lovely and brilliant book about a boy and a window.  The story had no words, but told so many things!  Now she has a book that is even better, because it has mostly my colors - the deepest black, the whitest white, the loveliest grey.  And she also has included many of my favorite things.  There are small furry rodents and plants to roll in and little holes to peek in.  So many surprises!

The magic begins with a flashlight.  In fact, that is the name of the book.  Everyone loves flashlights, and everyone loves being outside in the mysterious dark.  If you put the two together you can make all sorts of discoveries!  The boy has a flashlight and when he shines it out into the dark amazing things appear.  Some of them are furry and delicious!  Then he gets sleepy and while he takes a short nap something else gets a hold of the flashlight.  Soon it's a flashlight free-for-all until it's time to read a story in the tent, the perfect way to end the night.  I know you will love this book.

Night Lights by Susan Gal is a great book to read with Flashlight.  A girl and her mom have a fun night with their dog and all the different kinds of light you can think of.  My favorite is "candlelight", for a birthday cake with dog biscuits all over it.  I'm going to leave that page open for Mom, hint hint.

Both of these beautiful books make you want to have nighttime adventures of your own, and don't forget to bring a long your best friend, the furry one with the waggy tail.
Hey, where's the tail?  Is this even a real dog?  It looks like a pom-pom!