Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Diary From the Edge of the Couch

Like Gracie, I am looking over the edge.  Like Gracie, I can see what I need, so close and yet so far.  Gracie and her family are looking for the Extraordinary World, I am looking for the Squeak Toy.

 Here's a picture of her Extraordinary World:

Does it look familiar?  That's because it is your world!!
Gracie and her family live in a mirror world to ours, except their's is flat, and it's full of wild creatures.  Kraken, mermaids(not so pretty), werewolves, giant seasnakes, sasquatch...  everything you've ever read about in fantasy is real, and very, very dangerous!

One day a cloud shows up.  Clouds come when it is time for someone to die.  Gracie's little brother Sam is sickly, and when the cloud settles over their house the family decides to outrun it, and to travel into the unknown.  As you turn the pages of this story with your tongue and canine teeth (very gently), you will be taken on a wild adventure that involves danger and hunger, fear and joy, growing and changing.  You will find a major surprise twist, too, right at the end.  

So pick up this book and do some couch traveling.  I hope your trip is as full and exciting and satisfying as mine was, and that when you come back to yourself at the end of the book you will understand Gracie's feeling that "the world is messy and getting messier, but that it's still our world, and we love being in it."

Oh, and you'll meet a Sasquatch named Daisy

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