Friday, April 20, 2018

The Zoo at the Edge of the World

Winnie reads, “The Zoo at the End of the World,” by Eric Kahn Gale.

The blurring makes it more mysterious!!!

This book contains everything: adventure, suspense, danger and LOTS of talking animals!  I would love to be able to talk!  Imagine me, a dog, able to tell my family… when they’re eating delicious, juicy steaks, that YES, I would love a piece too!!!  Or I could tell them how much I love sleeping as close as I can get to them at night!  Or I could tell them that I love looking out the front window and barking at everyone, and everything that goes by, especially other dogs!  Or I could tell them that I really don’t like the pink sweater they make me wear on our walks outside in the winter……..oops!  I’m getting a little carried away.  Back to the story, there is an actual family owned  zoo and it takes place in the 19th century.  There is a Dad who is a world renowned animal explorer and his two sons, and they manage the zoo together.  The youngest son, Marlin has a very difficult stuttering issue to the point where he can barely talk.  However, he CAN talk to the animals in the zoo, and they talk to him.  How amazing!  People come from all over the world to view these animals.  Ronan Rackham, Marlin’s dad, soon comes back from one of his dangerous explorations with a black jaguar.  This changes everything at the zoo!  The jaguar has magical powers that he shares with Marlin.  The adventurous and suspenseful events that follow will keep you at the edge of your couch….where I like to spend most of my time!  Your paws will not be able to put this book down!  It’s that dog-gone good!  Enjoy!

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