Thursday, March 1, 2018

Strongheart, My New Heartthrob

Wow, what a guy! The strong, silent type with a tough outside and a sensitive inside.  I loved reading this book and imagining myself back in the days of silent films, joining the throngs of Strongheart fans in their adulation of this amazing German shepherd.
Wish that were me on the right...

While my heart is going pit-a-pat my feet are going typety-type-type, unfortunately making many typos because the fur between my toes is so long right now.  I want to recommend this book, "Strongheart: Wonder Dog of the Silver Screen", to any readers who like dogs or historical fiction. Candace Fleming based her book on a true story and included many real details.  Eric Rohmann made Strongheart look positively dreamy, even when he's sneaking donuts.  The pictures sometimes take up a few spreads, a la Selznick's "Hugo Cabret".  Dogs or reluctant human readers (even cats!) will find this book just whizzes by, helped along by the many pages that are only half filled with words, and by all those glorious illustrations.   I could just go on and on!
Fur between my toes

Oh, wait, it's dinner time.  I have to go stare at the refrigerator door.

Ack! What happened to all the food?

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